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Southern High Resolution Modeling Consortium

     Welcome to the home of the Southern High Resolution Modeling Consortium (SHRMC). The SHRMC was formed in 2001 by the University of Georgia Atmospheric Science Program and the USDA Forest Service Southern Smoke Management Team. The consortium is one of five members of the Fire Consortia for Advanced Modeling of Meteorology and Smoke. The consortium plans to develop and assimilate models, currently relying on the mesoscale MM5 model, and to supply regional and local weather forecasts in the Southern Region.

     The consortium will collaborate with other scientists, local, state, and federal air quality and fire regulators, other interested parties, and colleagues at existing and planned modeling centers as part of a national framework of regional interagency modeling consortia. The SHRMC will allow for advances in air quality, fire control and smoke impact mitigation, and weather prediction through several stages of deliverables.

     The SHRMC MM5 is currently run for a 72-hour forecast period at 12- and 36-km grid spacing. The system is run twice a day and is generally completed by 3:30 AM EDT and 3:30 PM EDT, respectively. The MM5 initialization and boundary conditions are derived from the NCEP model.

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